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We. Were, on a break!!!!!

If you haven't gotten the 'Friends' reference already; yes, we were on a break. Does that make it our fault? Your fault? Who cares, we're back!

It's been a few months since our last post. What have we been up to you ask? So. F*cking. Much. Since our last blog post, we've created video projects for multiple restaurants in different cities, enhanced our team with an addition of photographers, videographers, producers & bands, provided entertainment for both New Years & St. Patricks Day, oh... and did we mention we have TWO artists listed on ALL major online music stores!? (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) {KIDKYLER & DORADO}

So....ya, we've been doing good, but it's all been for you and don't you ever forget that. Stay posted for weekly updates and constant improvements to our website. Now as the great Confucius once said, "Don't forget to book with us for your next event!"


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