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Toronto Production Duo 80 Empire Releases New Single “Wherever I Go”

Maybe you first heard of them when their extended club anthem “Let’s Do It Again” went viral in 2015, or you happened to stumble across one of their dope new-house remixes on Spotify or Apple Music. If not, then you need to give a listen to 80 Empire’s latest single “Wherever I Go,” which dropped today. Toronto-born brothers Lucas and Adrian Rezza are the versatile artists behind this production duo. Together, they engineer, produce, write and record their own music, redefining the electronic music scene with their own soulful, funk-infused twist.

In their latest release, “Wherever I Go,” 80 Empire transports listeners to a euphoric, feel-good place through euro dance vibes, layered percussion and Adrian’s powerful vocals. Whether it takes you to the beach, a festival or to the club, 80 Empire’s newest track proves that this pair will always have a dynamic sound. The seamless blend of chill-house, funk and soul beats, are what set these brothers apart from other mainstream EDM artists. Ultimately, “Wherever I Go” is the perfect anthem for summer and these brothers are definitely worth keeping on your playlist radar as the weather heats up.

“Wherever I Go” is now available on all streaming services, including a travel-adventure music video on YouTube. You don’t want to miss it!

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